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Your Interior Style Is: Curated Loft

Your home is a work of art, and you curate it accordingly.


Curated Loft interior style living room
Photo by @stephanjulliard

Your design influences

You’re inspired by the combination of contemporary design with bold antiques. Your design influences are artists’ studios, antique shops, and galleries. Think Italian, 1970s, sculptural, Art Deco, with Brutalist geometric accents.

Curated Loft interior style living room
Design by Malene Birger

Curated Loft interior style living room
Photo of @gardeshop

Curated Loft interior style living room by Garrett Hunter
Design by Garrett Hunter, Photo by Pär Bengtsson

Curated Loft interior style color palette living room
Design Sarah Graham

Your color palette

You enjoy high contrast combinations like black and white. You use saturated colors or jewel tones sparingly to punctuate the neutrals in your home.

antique wood headboard with modern chrome lamp

Your furniture

Your dream home is full of sculptural and abstract shapes. From lamps to chairs, anything can be art if you view it that way.

Curated Loft interior style studio of Jill Sharp
Design Jill Sharp

Your materials

You’re drawn to luxe materials with high contrasts between shine, matte and texture. Think dark antique woods and shiny white laminate, worn in leather and stones with dramatic veins, concrete contrasted with metallic finishes like chrome or gold.

You love luxe materials that bring the drama, but are lived in to give them an edge.

Vintage Salon Design style Materials

If your home doesn't match your Curated Loft style...

I created this quiz because so many of my design clients feel overwhelmed by their Pinterest boards and stuck in the analysis paralysis of investing in furniture and art. They say "I don't like this, it doesn't fit but I spent money on it so I have to keep it."

I'm here to help you stop making mistake purchases and start expressing your Curated Loft style more cohesively in your home.

Curated Loft interior style living room of Emmanuel de Bayser
Design by Emmanuel de Bayser

If you are Curated Loft and another style…

Or you and your partner love Curated Loft and another style, breathe easy because this Style Profile plays well with others.

For example if your roommate is Pop Arcade then incorporate a loud, statement making art piece over your sofa. Or if your other Style Profile was Pottery Studio you can create a calming space with a neutral palette, but bring in some drama with contrasting sculptural pieces (like this living room).

The mix of design influences is what keeps this Style Profile feeling fresh.

Curated Loft interior style living room with noguchi light
Design by Tali Roth

When you’re shopping…

Not every single piece in your home needs to be avant-garde - you can start with a traditional base like a white or brown sofa. Then look for opportunities to inject your unique personality.

For example, shop for sculptural lamps or accent chairs that look like works of art. Display a poster on an easel or place something you love on a pedestal (it can be a basket, a vase, anything on a pedestal looks more impactful).

Before you make a purchase ask yourself, “how would I describe this table/art/chair?” Make sure it aligns with at least one of your keywords: artful, creative, imaginative

Curated Loft interior style home of Malene Birger
Design by Malene Birger

Curated Loft interior style inspiration: The Apartment store
Photo of The Apartment by TaylrAnne

Your challenge

You’re attracted to a wide range of styles, you struggle with focusing your vision. The key to this style is in mastering the mix and embracing the imperfection in your styling. A modern, chrome lamp next to a worn in leather sofa. A beautifully framed artwork propped casually against a wall. A sculptural armchair next to a stack of books being used as a side table. This mix of formal pieces styled in an imperfect, undone way makes the overall look feel luxe but laid back - like a downtown artist’s loft.

What's next?

Your quiz results have given you the language to describe what styles of furniture and decor you’re drawn to, and a list of colors, shapes, and materials to get the look. So you can shop and style your home with an editor’s eye to figure out which pieces truly represent your personal style - and what might be missing the mark.

Book a call with me if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing. You can show me your space and ask all of your design questions, from awkward layouts to filling your Big Blank Walls.

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Pop Arcade interior style inspiration Harry Nuriev's dining room
Garde Shop

Garde Shop, Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Curated Loft interior style inspiration, Frédéric Méchiche's loft living room
Frédéric Méchiche's loft


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Meet Cristina Cleveland

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I created the Interior Style Quiz to give you the tools and language to express your style more cohesively in your home. 

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