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How to Stop Hating Your Home

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Do you have unaesthetic stuff in your home?

Do you have real life things - that are visible?

Have you noticed that your house gets messy when your life gets really busy?

Does your home fail to live up to magazine editorial standards?

If you said yes to any of these…

Then you live in a real, normal, personal, functioning home.

We see homes every day on social media that ~ first of all ~ cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to furnish, and then they’ve been professionally styled, shot and edited by teams of highly skilled production teams.

So don’t be so hard on yourself!!

What’s most important is that your home supports you and the people and pets living in it.

As design lovers, it's so easy to consume all of the Instagram posts and scroll the home tours and watch the interior designers diagnose mistakes to FIX and trends that are OUT…then look around at everything that feels WRONG with your home.

I get it, I do it too. But that’s not fair.

It’s not fair to compare your home to Dakota Johnson’s AD home tour. Even Dakota Johnson’s home on a regular day can’t compare to her AD home tour - that was prop styled! And lit! And a million other things you don’t have time for today.

So let’s all take a deep breath and cut ourselves some slack.

It’s ok to see your real life things in your real life home. And let’s stop measuring ourselves against unreachable standards. As a recovering perfectionist, I can be pretty critical of myself. And something that’s helped me is to:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to an ideal version of yourself

  2. Start comparing yourself to your past self

Applied to the home, this means

  1. Stop comparing your home to Troye Sivan’s

  2. Start comparing your home today to your home the month you moved in

Think of how far you’ve come! The improvements you’ve made! The personal touches that have made it feel like you. I like to focus on what feels right in my home. Enjoy that. Do more of that. You’re doing great!

If you’re also a recovering perfectionist with a habit of holding yourself to literally impossible standards, you might like this book, The Gap and the Gain

It’s where I learned that advice about comparing yourself to past you (the gain), not an ideal (the gap).  

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