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Your Interior Style Is: Museum Bookstore

Design @ashe_leandro

Intrigue lies around every nook and corner in a Museum Bookstore.


Design Influences

You draw inspiration from Mid-Century modern, Scandinavian, and Japanese design with graphic accent pieces from a range of time periods. And, of course, museum gift shops!

Photo from the Creative Spaces book

Design by MH.AP Studio Photo by Luis Diaz Diaz in Design-Milk

Photo AD Espana
Design by Commune Design for Ace Hotel Tokyo

Home of Sue and Alan Ravitz for Vitsoe

Your color palette

You reach for tans and warm wood colors accented with saturated colors like yellow, blue, and orange.

Home of @nicknemechek


Your dream home is full of repetitive linear shapes and angular furniture.

Photo trnk-nyc


You’re drawn to tactile materials like walnut, concrete, books, plywood, worn leather and plain weave fabrics.

You love materials with understated texture, not high gloss.

Your Challenge

You are drawn to Mid-century design, but you don’t want your home to feel dated or too one-note.

You may have a base of Mid-century shapes and linear forms, but the key is to layer your unique and personal touches on top of this base to give your home more depth. If you have a lot of angular lines, you can help the eye move across the space with curved accent pieces. This can be in the form of artwork, plants, sculptural pieces, pillows or blankets and lighting. And throw in antiques from other eras or new pieces from today’s makers.

Design @garancevallee

If your home doesn't match your Museum Bookstore style...

I created this quiz because so many of my design clients feel overwhelmed by their Pinterest boards and stuck in the analysis paralysis of investing in furniture and art. They say "I don't like this, it doesn't fit but I spent money on it so I have to keep it."

I'm here to help you stop making mistake purchases and start expressing your Museum Bookstore style more cohesively in your home.

Design by Trevor Tondro

If you are Museum Bookstore and another style...

Or you and your partner love Museum Bookstore and another style, then consider this Style Profile for areas where you work or entertain, like the home office or dining area.

This look is ideal for zones in your home where you go to feel productive and inspired.

Home of Sandra Benhamou, photo by Vincent Leroux

When you're shopping...

A great starting point is to invest in great shelving. This will be the base that you can build the look of being in an actual Museum Bookstore, and is a hallmark of this Style Profile.

You’re a collector, and you want your belongings to feel artful, not cluttered.

Over time you may rearrange and re-style the objects, books and photos on your shelves. Think of this feature as a key mode of expressing your interests and personality.

Source Carsten Beck

What's next?

Your quiz results have given you the language to describe what styles of furniture and decor you’re drawn to, and a list of colors, shapes, and materials to get the look. So you can shop and style your home with an editor’s eye to figure out which pieces truly represent your personal style - and what might be missing the mark.

Book a call with me if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing. You can show me your space and ask all of your design questions, from awkward layouts to filling your Big Blank Walls

I want you to get the most out of our call! Here is a handy FAQ guide on What to Expect.

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Home of Tariq Dixon Photo by Nicole Franzen

Design by Anna Karlin Studio

Home of architect Roman Sarrio and designer Gabriela Comella

Home of @joshitiola

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Meet Cristina Cleveland

Interior Designer

I created the Interior Style Quiz to give you the tools and language to express your style more cohesively in your home. 

Book a call if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing.

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