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Your Interior Style Is: Pop Arcade

You’re not afraid to make bold choices - life’s too short to live in a beige box.


Pop Arcade interior style living room
Design by Giancarlo Valle, Photographed by Michael DePasquale & Martina Maffini

Your design influences

You’re inspired by the Memphis design school of the 1980s, and 1960s Italian design.

Pop Arcade Interior Style living room
Design by Armand Arnal and Céline Pujol, Photo by The Socialite Family

Pop Arcade interior style living room of Alyssa Coscarelli
Home of Alyssa Coscarelli, Photo by Sharon Radisch for Domino

Pop Arcade interior style living room by Anna Karlin
Design by Anna Karlin

Vintage Salon design style inspiration: green bathroom of Jorge Parra
Home of Harling Ross Anton

Your color palette

You reach for bold, saturated colors like poppy red, canary yellow, kelly green, and royal blue. You can also work in pastel accents. Creative use of color is key to expressing your unique personality.

antique wood headboard with modern chrome lamp

Your furniture

There's nothing square about you. Your dream home is full of geometric shapes, wavy lines, and circular shapes.

Vintage Salon home inspiration: dining bistro design by Anna Karlin Studio
Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt for Elle Decor Sweden

Your materials

You’re drawn to plastic, chrome, glass, linoleum, acetate, and burl wood.

Vintage Salon Design style Materials

If your home doesn't match your Pop Arcade style...

I created this quiz because so many of my design clients feel overwhelmed by their Pinterest boards and stuck in the analysis paralysis of investing in furniture and art. They say "I don't like this, it doesn't fit but I spent money on it so I have to keep it."

I'm here to help you stop making mistake purchases and start expressing your Pop Arcade style more cohesively in your home.

Vintage Salon Design Inspiration: Proper Hotel San Francisco Design by Kelly Wearstler

If you are Pop Arcade and another style…

Or you are Pop Arcade and your partner or roommate is another style, then consider this Style Profile for areas where you entertain, like the living room or dining area.

This look is ideal for zones in your home where you go to feel lively, creative and playful.

Vintage Salon Design Inspiration: home design by Carley Page Summers
West Elm Bistro tables

When you’re shopping…

Before you make a purchase ask yourself, “how would I describe this table/art/chair?” Make sure it aligns with at least one of your keywords: fun, bold, unconventional.

Not every single piece in your home needs to be bold - you can start with a neutral base like a white or brown sofa. Then look for opportunities to inject your unique personality.

For example, shop for accent chairs or dining chairs in bright colors with chrome accents. Mirrors in geometric shapes. Art in primary colors. Look for reflective surfaces like the metal shelves and plastic dining table above.

Pop Arcade Design Inspiration: Home of Ellen Van Dusen
Home of Ellen Van Dusen, Photo by Max Burkhalter for Clever

Your challenge

You love bright accents and quirky pieces, but struggle to create cohesion in your space. Your vision is a dynamic one, but the execution can sometimes feel messy and not quite hit the mark. Start by getting focused about how you need this room to function for you and your lifestyle. Your needs should guide your design decisions, so you don’t get distracted by all the fun pieces you find. Once you have your space laid out and working for your lifestyle, then you can add the layer of personality on top!

Create a focal point in the room where you can corral and display all of your collected items. This will make it feel more like a well-considered show piece and less like clutter.

Design by Sierra Tishgart

The shelves above are actually inexpensive Home Depot shelves in the home of Great Jones founder Sierra Tishgart. Edit the amount of items you display on your shelves to elevate your objects and make it feel more like a boutique, less like clutter.

Vintage Salon Design Inspiration: Living Room Photo & Design by Carley Page Summers
Ikea Elvarli shelves in my dining room

In my Brooklyn home, I used Ikea Elvarli shoe shelves to create a focal point and demarcate my dining area in an open space. Open shelving like this is a great place to display and store books, records, ceramics, art, and any decorative objects you've collected that express your personal style.

We all have things that are necessary but can create visual clutter - anything with cords, wires, or pieces that just don't accurately reflect your style. Those items are best kept organized in concealed storage (like cabinets, drawers, anything with doors). Intentional use of open and concealed storage will help keep your Pop Arcade vision clear.

What's next?

Your quiz results have given you the language to describe what styles of furniture and decor you’re drawn to, and a list of colors, shapes, and materials to get the look. So you can shop and style your home with an editor’s eye to figure out which pieces truly represent your personal style - and what might be missing the mark.

Book a call with me if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing. You can show me your space and ask all of your design questions, from awkward layouts to filling your Big Blank Walls.

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Pop Arcade interior style inspiration Harry Nuriev's dining room
Design by Harry Nuriev

Design by Ellen Van Dusen

Design by Olivia Stutz, Photo by Sean Litchfield for Architectural Digest

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Meet Cristina Cleveland

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