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Your Interior Style Is: Pottery Studio

Sink into a plush, cream armchair and inhale deeply - your home is a calming cocoon where over-stimulated minds can recharge and create.


Design @far_studio_⁠ Styling @kristihunter Photo @brianwetzelphoto

Athena Calderone’s home
Athena Calderone’s home, photo by Nicole Franzen for Architectural Digest

Your Design Influences

You’re inspired by wabi sabi design, the slopes and arches of Adobe homes and the sun-bleached tones of Mediterranean and Spanish revival architecture. But your home feels most you when you mix in modern elements.

Photo by @lazizhamani, design by @axelvervoordt, architecture by @bijoystudiomumbai

Athena Calderone’s home, photo by Nicole Franzen for Architectural Digest

Home of @hoskelsa

Photo by @lazizhamani, design by @axelvervoordt, architecture by @bijoystudiomumbai

Trevor Tondro

Home of Athena Calderone

Your Color Palette

You reach most for tonal whites and creams, and when you do color it’s usually earthy shades like: pink, tan, rust, gray, & olive green

Waves Fiberglass Chair


Your dream home is full of arches and furnished with pieces that have round curves and organic edges.

Tigmi Trading coffee table


Your favorite materials can be found in nature, like terra cotta clay, stoneware, raw wood, lime wash paint, natural leather, stone, flax linen


Steering clear of boring beige territory and injecting personality - not clutter - into your space. If you are buying pieces in neutral colors, make sure they have interesting shapes or textures (like all of the pieces in the photo above).

And keep a stash of Tide pens and stain remover on hand - this style is very light and bright, and you’ll want to keep it that way! If you have pets, kids, or spill a lot, opt for darker colors and easy to clean materials like natural wool, indoor/outdoor textiles or rugs, and non-porous materials. For example, marble and concrete are both porous, so instead opt for a similar look with materials like quartz or silestone.

Design by William McClure

If your home doesn't match your Pottery Studio style...

I created this quiz because so many of my design clients feel overwhelmed by their Pinterest boards and stuck in the analysis paralysis of investing in furniture and art. They say "I don't like this, it doesn't fit but I spent money on it so I have to keep it." I'm here to help you stop making mistake purchases, and help you express your Pottery Studio style more cohesively in your home.

Design Emmanuel de Bayser, Photo Constance Gennari

If you are Pottery Studio and another style...

Or you are Pottery Studio and your partner or roommate is another style, then consider this Style Profile for the bedroom. This look is ideal for zones in your home where you go to recharge.

More often than not, people who live together come into the relationship with differing styles. This is completely normal! Watch my YouTube video where I talk about my approach to creating a space that satisfies both of you.

Marta Bonilla lamps

When you're shopping...

Your home doesn’t need to come with arched doorways or windows, you can bring these shapes in through your furniture and accessories.

For example, focus on finding seats with curved backs or armrests. Round side tables (like the nightstand

in the bedroom above) and coffee tables with rounded edges. Art with circular shapes and lines. Look for pieces with organic, imperfect edges. Avoid angular pieces with sharp edges.

Before you make a purchase ask yourself, “how would I describe this table/art/chair?” Make sure it aligns with at least one of your keywords: tranquil, comfortable, organic

Photo of @galerie_half by @shadedeggesphotography

What's next?

Your quiz results have given you the language to describe what styles of furniture and decor you’re drawn to, and a list of colors, shapes, and materials to get the look. So you can shop and style your home with an editor’s eye to figure out which pieces truly represent your personal style - and what might be missing the mark.

Book a call with me if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing. You can show me your space and ask all of your design questions, from awkward layouts to filling your Big Blank Walls.

I want you to get the most out of our call! Here is a handy FAQ guide on What to Expect.

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Subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL to watch Home School - my series dedicated to helping you develop your personal style at home. Because I believe home design is for everyone, whether we work together or not, no matter your budget.

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Design by @axelvervoordt, Photo by @francoishalard

Home of @hoskelsa

Design by @sarahsolis

Design by @sarahsolis

Rooms Hotel Kokhta

Photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Design by @ashny

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Meet Cristina Cleveland

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I created the Interior Style Quiz to give you the tools and language to express your style more cohesively in your home. 

Book a call if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing.

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