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The 3 Types of Style Quiz Takers

Source: Home of Jen Azoulay, photo by Elizabeth Carababas for Domino

It boggles my mind to tell you this, but my Interior Style Quiz has been taken over 200,000 times (!!!!). Now I know many of you have taken the quiz more than once. In fact, I know some of you take it repeatedly, just for funsies. And based on a lot of feedback, there are 3 types of quiz takers that I see the most. And this is what I know to be true about your homes.  

1 / The Classic

You could take the style quiz 100 times (maybe you have!), and you'd always get the same result. You try to tweak your answers, to trick the quiz into giving you a different style. But somehow, you still get the same result every time. You know yourself deeply, you know what you like and don’t like. This is your superpower. You can confidently invest in furniture and decorate your home knowing that you will probably still love this style 5 years from now, and beyond.¹ Your challenge is that sometimes you feel like you're in a rut, consistently buying the same colors, fabrics, or shapes over and over again.

When I work with people like you, it’s my job to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone, to express some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of your personality. This can mean adding in a piece or color that doesn’t fit perfectly, (think the wrong shoe theory, but for your home). The unexpected touches are what make a home feel truly personal.

2 / The Gemini

You are evenly split between two styles. For example, you dream of living in a minimalist Pottery Studio home, but you consistently buy Museum Bookstore furniture and decor. If you feel really adept at styling and making purchase decisions, then you can certainly blend the two styles in a way that feels uniquely you. 

If you don’t feel confident or you’ve been trying to blend styles and things are feeling incohesive to you, then the easier route is to pick a room(s) to express your Pottery Studio side, and pick a room(s) to express your Museum Bookstore side.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d recommend Pottery Studio for the bedroom (and spaces you want to feel relaxed, calm), and Museum Bookstore for living and dining rooms (or spaces you want to feel inspired, stimulated). 

To do this, I would take inventory of what you currently have and divide it into the two categories of your two styles. For example, use all of your Pottery Studio art, furniture, and decor in one room, and all of your Museum Bookstore pieces in another room. Once you do this, you can identify any gaps you may have and then plan your future purchases accordingly.

This more focused approach can give you confidence to make purchase decisions with clarity for more cohesive results. 

3 / The Dynamic

Every time you take the quiz, you get a different result. Every day when you get dressed, it’s an opportunity to express a different side of your personality. There are so many styles to love, how could you ever tie yourself down to just one?

First let me say, your style is not “wrong” for changing or being different day to day or month to month. This dynamism is a part of who you are, it’s your personality, it makes you you.

If you enjoy giving your home a new look every year (or for some, every season!) then you may find yourself bringing in new furniture and getting rid of old furniture at a higher rate of turnover than someone like the Classic. Your challenge is that while it’s easy to change your outfit daily, it’s far more costly to do this with furniture.

For this, I love shopping secondhand. Buying secondhand means finding pieces that are more affordable, more unique or even one of a kind, and made of higher quality materials (like solid wood) than new pieces at the same price point. Get to know the antique malls in your area, you can find some gems and the hunt can be thrilling! By buying and selling this way we’re contributing to a more circular economy without using new resources or adding to the landfill. This sustainable approach can lead to homes that feel truly unique and constantly evolving, just like you.


Book a Design Consultation with me if you need help expressing your personal style more cohesively in your home. You can show me your home, show me your Pinterest board, and I’ll give my recommendations to close the gap.

Here's what Diana had to say about our Video Consultation:

"I loved being able to send photos and priorities in advance and that Cristina took the time to review these and pull together some ideas before we met. Her preparation allowed us to maximize our time together. I felt heard, and I know that the consultation will help me reduce decorating missteps. I can now envision my room, and I know it will be beautiful." - Diana S


Meet Cristina Cleveland

Interior Designer

I created the Interior Style Quiz to give you the tools and language to express your style more cohesively in your home. 

Book a call if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing.

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