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My Formula for Figuring Out Your Personal Interior Design Style

What does personal style mean to you? It's a term that gets thrown around a lot, but that doesn't make it any easier to find.

I think of personal style as the zone where your lifestyle, personality, and *what lights you up* overlap.

So if you're trying to make a purchase decision and you're wondering "is this my personal style?" picture a Venn diagram...

If it doesn’t fit into the yummy center, I don’t buy it.

If it lights you up, but it doesn’t fit your lifestyle or your personality, it might just be one of those things that you can love in other peoples’ homes but don’t have to have in yours.

If it lights you up and it fits your personality, but doesn’t fit your lifestyle - it might become one of those purchases that sits unused, reminding you of the money you spent.

Togo sofa and carved wood stools
Taken by me, at Renew Finds

Clients usually come to me AFTER purchasing a bunch of things that just aren’t working. Tired of making mistakes, and unnecessarily spending money, they want my guidance on what they should and should not buy for their home.

Through the consultation process, I ask questions to learn more about their lifestyle, their personality, and what lights them up. Then I make recommendations on ways to satisfy all three.

Sure, the way things look is one piece of the puzzle. But you’ve probably learned by now that buying things simply because you like the way they look is not always enough to make it a successful use of your hard-earned money. It has to support you in your daily routine. We’re exposed to hundreds of products, home tours, and inspo photos every single day. As someone who thinks a lot about my consumption and personal style, I often feel like I’m swatting away Amazon must-have lists and trending home tours in an effort to hold my own personal style close, while keeping it focused and clear in my mind’s eye.

It takes practice. It takes editing. It takes buying a few wrong things, and buying some things that feel very right. And eventually, you find solid ground.

I made a whole episode of my YouTube series Home School all about this personal style formula.

Book a call with me if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing. You can show me your space and ask all of your design questions, from awkward layouts to filling your Big Blank Walls.


Meet Cristina Cleveland

Interior Designer

I created the Interior Style Quiz to give you the tools and language to express your style more cohesively in your home. 

Book a call if you need help closing the gap between your home right now and the personal style you want to be expressing.

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